Sunday, November 9, 2008

Enchanted (version II)

There's nothing like - silence. Like bombs bursting in air, the mountains penetrating clouds in the sky and the beating hooves of time racing toward night. Then there's 'me' sequestered by the moment sauntering on by and me straggling behind, torn by what I'm seeing. Ripped apart by the fantasy of the every changing moods of moment and time briskly bleeding, dying. I can only stay, stay forever and keep her company.


Lean against me forest
On this windy evening
When the sun swallows the horizon
Gulps in the day
Don’t let me feel the cold
I will stay

Even when cold slips onto my bones
And the moon surrenders her light
I will be here

So pull up your sleeves shadow
On this silent evening
When the stars harness their hunger
Suckle in the night
Don’t let me fear the loneliness
I will stay

Even if moments are like the watery brook
Crashing down cliff side, stalling in shimmering pool
I will be here

So rise up to greet me meadow
On this breathless morning
When the moon swallows the horizon
Gulps in the night
Don’t wrestle with my feelings
I will stay