Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I spent a few moments this morning writing this. It was supposed to be about solitude and the growth one can partake in when you go from the internal to the external universe. So often we are drowning in our own thoughts, we are afraid to hold our breath and separate the worthless from the meaningful. Solitude is important and can be a healing journey, but also a frightening one.


Of what I can see,

in darkness,

beyond stars,

before the moonlight surfaces,

-is loneliness,

and fear,

slipping into my skin,


and me sweeping blind eyes,

from side to side,

in search,

of a waif-like companionship,

where none exists.

Of what I can hear,

in silence,

beyond shuffling grass,

before the wind dances,

-is isolation,

and phobia,

fitting into my thoughts,


and me listening with deaf ears,

to an encompassing calm,


with tranquil autonomy,

where silence can echo.

Of what I can feel,

in solitude,

beyond fall-chill,

before the sun winks at me,

-is calmness,

and peace,

relaxing my body and soul,


and me exhuming a smile,

ear to ear,


to expose the rainbow of me,

where self can blush.