Thursday, September 27, 2007

We Come

When I was younger, I was fascinated by the unknown. Most books I read had something to do with adventure and science fiction. In a way, even then, I knew I'd probably never get any closer to traveling among the stars than a clear night and my own two eyes could take me. Even still, I feel the urge and on occasion I can still hear them...

The stars
They sit
Staring down
They speak
And again
Come to me my little friend
but what are we
but mere tiny beings
who look with awe
at the glitter and sparkle
only wishing upon stars
for a heart-filled miracle
yet some begin to hear
a call growing greater and greater
and as the question strengthens
to batter our minds
we wonder…
“What is it that we must find?”
and as we rush
rising even mightier
we dream of places even brighter
yet being bound to our sphere
we desperately build
hoping one day to travel
across the endless galaxy
there discovering
wondrous fantasies
---places unlike our own
leaving us fighting just to gain hold
of all the things that remind us of home
but we put them aside
only because we must
---the call still beckons us
to seek farther into
the glitter
sprinkling the skies
Right there!
ever before our eyes
and as they sit
staring down
they speak
and again
come to me my little friend
and as we look
each of us says in return
“We Come”
“we come…”


With the cold wind and chill rain, you can't escape the feeling of fall. Here's a nice stanza to dedicate to it.

Oh wind that whisk me from my home
leads me towards the forest to roam
where the cold wind chills my skin
to bury me in her colored leaves again

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Take decision into your own hands
make decisions as best you can
Don’t be slow, put your thoughts together
Take control and remember that it matters

What you think

Never give up when the going gets tough
Don’t let down when road gets rough
Love isn’t easy and neither is hate
Holding them both in your heart drives a stake

Into your brain

Grab chance and give it heart
if you don’t do that, you haven’t began
begin tomorrow and promise yourself, “I will start.”
This will make you a better man

who doesn’t blink

Life holds only so much opportunity
it is up to you to seize it
otherwise your true self is thrown into obscurity
lost to the “you” that meant

more than any fame

Father's Son

I have written words that write beautifully on our great walls
I have said words that say powerfully what I want most of all
But I have never done anything that ever did anything for anyone
No one but me, myself and I until I was born a son

I would give the stars; I would give all that I love of power and wealth
To lead men no more, to put my armor and sword upon the shelf
For my guiding passion in life is to make a man more than I was a man
This blood of my blood to do what I couldn’t, to do what I know he can

This son of mine who has all there is to have, to hold, to want
hinged on my desire to gain what I want most, but am too afraid to hunt
Cast no doubts on my honor, it is tarnished and dented
As my father taught me, succored me, and raised me to be unrelenting

It was not to be, I was not the success he had hoped, but neither was he
Neither was his father nor the father before him as far back goes our family’s seed
Our breath has been tempered at the door of our enemies and souls lost there wail
We are not mere fools that waste our lives but heroic hunters of the Holy Grail

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Memories that meant

Life can pass you by when you allow the time you have to be wasted. By doing you become focused and by not taking the easy path, you also better yourself and make your days here more satisfying.

Pace back and forth and erase empty space
clear your head of density
and race ahead into a future daunted with challenge
and die on a sinking ship
with a smile
memories that meant...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Shadow Walker

~Life is like a shadow.

The sun passes low on the horizon and this shadow lengthens.
Life is forever, out toward the infinite distance!
Then the sun rises overhead. We have created life, raised children
mothered or fathered them.
Yet time turns, and as they grow old
the sun then begins to pass low on the horizon,
the days begin to grow shorter.
This shadow of life quickly lengthens again
as we face that infinite unknowing future.
With open arms, we greet it with a heavy heart and a yearning
youthful-adolescent curiosity.
And then the day is dark, night has come and the stars open the heavens
and your shadow is swallowed by the darkness
and you are forever.

The Poet

The artist paints his Mona Lisa;
His contemporaries tell him his work speaks volumes;
a million words as they say~
The writer writes volumes;
thinking his words could blush like a naked virgin too;
with thoughts and mystery untold behind those mocha eyes~

While the poet works both paint and ink;
Cause words are not just words merely guttural sounds
They are curses and screams, moans and laughter
They are the blood that paints emotion
These words the poet weeps

Sunday, September 9, 2007


The world around you to amaze and startle you
the places, the views to precious to lose
the life that can be lived when you look, when you see
all of it so amazing awe-inspiring to me
I stand simply lost dizzy with disbelief
I’m caught up by the adventure that sets me free
because the world around me is so much to see
and I want to experience it all, every last thing
I simply go in a direction and I find all that I need
because my life is on a mission to make it the best that it can be.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I look at my place now
this world
this shell
and I wonder would it be wise
I wonder won’t you harbor my cries
To leave would be my freedom
to go both strong and bold
my freedom...!
Yet leave, I do, my sheltered life
I leave it behind
with a speedy goodbye
and I think,
“Why, why must I
walk forth in blind ignorance
there is a world out there
mad and chaotic
and I must—MUST find
purchase in such calamity.”
Inside, deep down, I feel an awakening urge
an urge to wait
to sit and think
and to let such foolishness die
Am I so weak, so single-minded then
that I will falsely preordain my future
and cast aside all my hopes and dreams
the very filament of my self
How foul and unfair that would be?
And so I rush forth
with my shoulders weighed down
heavy with all my worldly possessions
and as I reach the edge of my home ground
I wave a sad farewell
to my youth
And set out to become a man
and face my future…

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I wrote this when I was in my early teens.

I stand atop a hill gazing out far afield
I could see my home from there through a patch of trees
in a thicket of bush and weeds
I recalled these pastures as seen during my childhood wanderings
Oh, how I remembered them!
Wide-eyed to the world where my dreams would unfurl
In them I could be an adventurer, discoverer and traveler
I could be a hero kissed by the princess who was the most beautiful girl
I could be anything and everything only if I dreamed of it
oh how it was to be a child for a moment, maybe for awhile

These years have been many and my life is setting
These bones are brittle wasted by times passage
these hands are gnarled withered by times passage
these eyes are blurry worn by times passage
and however I remiss my life has been lived to the fullest
and never was their a wasted moment that wasn’t spent wisely nor missed
does it matter that I curse these ails? I have done and failed.
I have held and lost. I have been given and used. I have loved and been loved.
I have lived dreams come true, lost others when I flipped a deuce instead of two.
Done bad. Done good. Done nothing. Done too much...just enough!
Now as my life quiets I can hear my past knocking
these thoughts humming a song clear my minds fog that clogs
and this nature rocks my world like a woman her newborn child
where in unison the grass, a thousand stalks, many more! dance with grace never clash
and the more these days, my last, I feel the warm breeze on my face blow past
setting me on a journey, an old man’s wish to revisit his yesteryear
for a journey to be a child for a moment, maybe for awhile...

A day and a month

Today is yesterday
tomorrow the same fame
an old memory that presents a smile
my laugh a rising joy
“Life is such a ploy!”

I dissect my petri dish of memories
split the ones that changed me
that molded me
that stoned me from above
and solidified that which made ME!!!
...from the chaff
the careless waste
and the mindless work of my past
From all memories gone by

I unearthed a truth
memories sharp tooth
out of the hundred years removed
a month and a day
I wouldn’t give away
that I would hold dear
and protect no matter what
like a volcano erupt
Every lunge of happiness
every spark of joy
every rush of fear
like a spear through your heart
every tear for all you miss
every one that tore you apart
these I reminisce
these I will forever miss
this time warp beyond nothingness
to all these moments kept
locked away in a chess
we meet again before the final rest
and protect it from tomorrow’s
that are the same days that pace
the minds kindly erase
all forgotten space...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I cast my emotion across the room
I catch a-swoon the girl of my doom
she is alight with a bright smile
me a laugh like a embarrassed child

Who is she but a dream
me only a creature she would see
then look out through a window
Rush away like the wind and go.

But my eye gleams and she breaths
for second I am in her dreams
She wonders towards me and we bump
“Excuse me!” I say, “How was your lunch?”

I never saw her again
but in a way I see her, one out of every ten
One day I’ll meet the right one
and she will be my morning sun...

Another Stanza

Mountains mask my madness
by feeding me chaos and serenity
This alone blinds me from false reality
and immerses me in natures fantasy

A Stanza

I gazed from rocky mountaintop
I saw all dreamy delusion stop
Shatter my fragile tapestry to elope
In peaceful celebration of hope…


I inseminate my fate with imaginative abandon
I travel across the ghostly lake as a phantom descending
and my fascination with my life peels back the eye
to look in the blue depths for a glimpse of our design
and I am reminded in that moment
that life is a thing of beauty that meant
and when I die, I will die alive
with a smile that weeps with
the wonders and memories I adore and keep

Spell Book

I watched what I wanted fade away with time
I watched what I had take it all away
Should I have been glad and said, “This life is good, I am content.”
But I can’t, this life is mine to pave
I reminisced on what could have been
behind my sin
and these recollections fed my sadness,
my disease, this madness
and I dreamt and it was not sadness
but dreams that haunt me now
like hounds they run me down
So much need!
Why stalk me
my substance cannot feed
I close my eyes, taking away everything but now
where what I have leaves me content
What I do satisfies
Who I meet listens
Who I love knows
When I am happy I laugh
When I am sad I cry
Where I am is beautiful
Where I am going will be good
Why I am here is to see everything
Why I am here is to live
And while living I do not fear my death
Death will come and I will die
and this emotion of life
my cauldron of magic…


Clear thoughts scrambled by anger
My mind seizes
As if a hot plate were turned off
The boiling water soon simmers
Cooling the winter of my disposition
But not the accumulation of my anger…