Thursday, October 30, 2008


powerfully flexing
age and wisdom

possibly thinking
it could be demanding

craters of thoughts
going nowhere
bleeding innocence
and hope with

stupidity steering blindly
future corners
sorted out in hindsight

law-abiding youth
pretty smile

lift up your head
in a room

cause Son
old age absent
how I’d meteor
into Earth
bravely disintegrating

new-fangled different
inexperienced birth

Friday, October 24, 2008

Silhouette (revised)

Say a man’s been down on his knees,
givin' the world its plow and seeds.
Backs been a’broken long ago,
nothin' taken gonna give him less to show.
Around dark corners are whispered promises,
and dreams that yet persist.
Festooned to his soul a guiding light,
and in him a flicker that still has fight.

Say a man’s shadow of youth
was caught up in the sunlight, shedding its sleuth.
Colored eyes hold a deeper shade of blue,
blistering his courage and boiling its brew.
Maybe the proudest men take hard falls,
cause others add gravity on to make ‘em stall?
Knocking 'em down so hard and wounded,
few can hold onto the reasons they really did.

Say a man's awoken to a day's ghostly gray,
and seen out from the cloudy shelter a light’s pale ray.
Gotta see it those angels that he's paid the toll,
don’t they know a man’s offering his bloody soul!
Rolling off his crumpled brow are daggers of sweat,
his back once broken now straightened, a silhouette.
More music in him before his last good bye,
a whisper of leaves before the Earth sighs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Earthbound: A Senryu (like a haiku)

celestial bodies
weaving footprints in darkness
walk barefoot in love

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

cosmic intervention HAIKU

Here is a guest post from 'silence'.

this child of nature
skips along her chosen path
then trips on a star

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The meadow of me

Yes I know there isn’t any

Still you search thinking I am there
Out hiding
But I am not behind
In front

At least not physically

And maybe you reason
I am a ghost
If I am, I am
In front

dead but aware

and family, friends you are in a high place
in a meadow
among flowers not yet risen
Among trees
green with white coats shed
Far from road, trail, city

In a place you will lay the physical me

Where I will stay and remain
This tangible - remnant

of ME

to be kept in nature’s arms
beneath sun ray
moon ray
star gaze
beneath mountain's high
lakes deep
rivers long

cause you can't remain
cause the spring is near
and visit
my family and friends

The meadow of ME

Monday, October 6, 2008


In the mountains, there are times that are so surreal, more than just moments. There is something about not being a slave to time and the constraints we put on it with work and our busy lives. There is no busy that needs to be busy NOW, no responsibility that is so immediate, but more freedom to relax and forget. So much time to do when you don't have TV, phone(s), work, and life bearing down on you with responsibility. This isn't always a bad thing, just nice to escape and forget. The mountains are my escape and a moment I have stuck in my mind is dusk and its lonely feeling being...well, not so lonely...


Lean against me forest
On this windy evening
When the sun swallows the horizon
Gulps in the day
Don’t let me feel the cold
I will stay

I will stay and watch
Eyes brimming with more than fascination
More meaning than that
But I mustn’t stay forever
I can’t forever

Even if the moments are like the watery brook
Crashing down cliff side, stalling in shimmering pool
There is an end
Like there was a beginning
But off with you – reason!
I am free in this place
Of reason

There is no time
There is no tick-tock
No chime to wake me
No bed time
Just the day becoming night
A starry night to keep me company

To keep me enchanted

Even when the cold and the wind shivers my bones
And the moon surrenders her light
I will be there
I will stay
Eyes brimming with more than fascination
More meaning than that
But I mustn’t stay forever
I can’t forever