Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dream Pirate

Did I just slip into the dark folds of nothing
Roll and wriggle my way
Through nightmares

Even if I did
Am I merely desperate to retain
My human soul
Not perverted by

Tell me
Levitated in this dreamscape
Swarmed by dark spawn
Am I but spun by the spider of deep sadness

Angles of happiness
[I demand] Build me a boat
To capture man's misery and fear
So that we are not struck by these sharks
To sink into ourselves

As captain
I would so selflessly embark
To turn
My once ill-fated brethren sunrise bound
So that they would be powered
By the wings of optimism

But even then
I would fill their great billowing dream-sails with
Boisterous laughter
Childish giggles
And ear to ear smiles

Eventually, with my spoil of dark plunder
I would hide in the shadows
[I must I imagine]
And, once again, roll and wriggle my way
Through nightmares

Friday, August 5, 2011

Spectacle Lake

I ponder, "Does the Earth see through lakes?"
These waters much like eyes
Most of all at sunset
When the loons howl
Their voices echoing for miles
Pouring into my ears

Or when the breeze rustles the leaves, my cloths and hair
when I shiver from the cold
So much so that when night has turned the waters to black
I wonder, "Does the Earth dream when it sleeps?"
And if it does,
I imagine it dreaming of the sky and paddling through space
Like I do