Friday, January 22, 2010

Nature knows

I am set among a thousand facing houses where a thousand trees should be facing, but there isn't. Instead there run streets and sidewalks, byways and highways. They are sandwiched between. What honest living is that? Nature should be our companion, not our slave.


Nature knows
I am a lie
She has left me with only

Yeah, there is green
Beneath my feet
I know it
But it does not know me

Yeah, there is green
Above my head
I know it
But it does not know me

Where did honesty wreck
Where did I disembark from her green decks
How did I end up contrived and lost in my own home

Nature knows
I am a lie
She has left me with only

Monday, January 11, 2010

Going Astray

When you are in the high country, you look out upon the forest and see those countless green miles spread out before you. And, yet, once among those many trees, there is no looking out. There is no seeing beyond that green veil. You are concealed and hidden from the world. For humans there is an instinct still desiring the security provided in those mossy isles of fir and cedar.


To where shall
I amble through forest?
Shall I Levitate
Over canopy
Or sink into fecund mud?
Shall I plainly stab forwardly
Through brambles
Mossy isles
And lose my way
To nowhere

Friday, January 8, 2010

That we exist

Humanity, like all beasts, exists alone here on Earth, far from anywhere. No matter how smart and powerful we become, we still depend on this lonely planet, on the edges of the Milky Way, for our survival.


As fragile
As desperate
As weak

As strong
As powerful
As destructive

You wonder how
For how long?

That we may exist, here
However far into
the future

And how
We can just as easily be

Washed away by the seas
Buried under the mountains
And lost within the sands of time

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dream On

Dreams are what lives are made of. Whether they are accomplished is not what matters. What matters is that they are believed in and that they are a part of you that you hunger for. Without that hunger, the life force that pushes you will not sustain itself. It will sicken. So, dream sleepers, awaken.


You're leafishly, houndishly
Running, spinning

You're fiendishly, spectacularly
Hoping, dreaming

You're not slipshod, slapdash
Half ass
Casual, lackluster

So dream on, dreamer
Awake you sleepers!