Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Mouse and Me

On an early spring morning
when I was a’strolling
down through the low rolling hills
I saw a mouse sat atop
a rather large stump.

“So peculiar,”
voiced I,

“that such a little guy
would sit so simple-like
watching me without so much
as a wisp of fright.”

Indeed, quite an absurd notion
given a manner of mad commotion
where with rising incivility
I yelled quite loudly,


but the mouse simply sat.
Confused, I said in vain,

“What sort of insane madness
do you posses?”

Of course, I was again ignored
and yet, now suddenly fascinated,
I drew closer
until I was just within reach
but instead of reaching out,
I paused in consideration,
and warned,

“Repent and run
but I dare say, if I repeat
I will be done with you.”

There was still no reaction
as if I believed there would be
as if a beast would give pardon
and dazzle me with its wit and charm
by speaking,

“Excuse me good sir
I was predisposed.
A moment please
and I will be gone.”

All of a sudden I began to think
it would be cruel to scare the fellow off
and so I sat nearby for a moment
and said nothing.

“You know, little guy,
at times I feel like you
and I question ‘Why?’
what makes me
so much less?
In effect, you are me
and I am you.”

With that said, the mouse
rested onto his haunches.

You are mad, I say.”

But he reacted no more
and so I calmly proceeded, troubled,
but otherwise unaffected.

“Sometimes I fear our place
in society is only
the choice of others
whose opinion is vested
merely by the merit of the majority.
Such false ideals
and blatant actions of the ignorant
are not tolerable.
Am I so ignorant then,
so blind
That I will fall into
The chaotic eye of injustice
And never escape.
No, I think I will move on
and let be
those I can destroy at whim.”

So, I stood and retraced my steps
and calmly proceeded on my walk
happy, as well, as proud for what I had done.
A few feet down the trail, I turned
only to see the mouse
was no longer there.
Laughing I looked away
and thought about the
mouse and me,
and how confusing life is.
For a time I knew
that was all I was going to think about
but I had plenty of time
and a long walk ahead…