Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Shedding Tears that Rain

Moments of anguish
warm tears of pain
Hopes seem to vanish
like a midsummer’s rain

I tally up my life
the good and the bad
But what is the difference
the livings been had

I pick-up my head
and hold it high
Cause there is nothing to be said
just don’t cry

The crowd is awaiting
they have seen death before
Maybe I am just fated
to live through this horror

Right then I think of Heaven
and I think of Hell
Wherever I am going
I hope I will be well

The headsmen slides the hood on
my vision fades to black
All of my resistance is gone
like my mind just snapped

Cause there are hurts that harden
leaving you in pain
And there are hurts that burden
shedding tears that rain

I thought of HOWLING out my ANGER
but why should I
I am but a stranger
in their eyes

Even then I could
hear the swish
“Strange,” I thought.
“So this is how I finish.”

The axe found its mark
followed by a loud, “THWACK!”
My head rolled in the basket
and, my friends, THAT was THAT…