Tuesday, April 3, 2007

White Gold

Since powder snow will soon be gone, I thought I'd post a poem about it. You see, I'm a skier and I love skiing. A great powder day can be among the best to enjoy.

“White Gold”

Aloft, alone
Atop this nature’s stone
I moan, “Behold field’s of white gold!”
It sits there alive
Glittering like dancing angles
Whom rise from god’s table
to make a toast as such
to me and the making of my fable

In boast they say,

“No drink could ever be so bold
No drug as sensuous and full
For in your addiction to our affliction
Rests your heaven in the cold
Your Valhalla when your story
Is done and told.”

I begin this powder perfect day
Amidst a wintry wonder ray
And these sparkles spread out converse
A twinkling foreboding curse

“Tread not unless thee
Seeks to be free
For once one has sought
There is no cure to this disease!”

The wind in waves whisks this ocean
A turbulent sea in constant commotion
Where in my moment of decision
all time stops and freezes
and utters a rising notion

“Now is the time
the beginnings of my
language of rhyme
my musical opera sublime!”
For this is my dream.
A lost ship on a tilted sea
That bleeds the truth
Of my reality

“This place is my respite
from the storm
to be away leaves me forlorn.”

With no fear only fate to steer me
I find myself on the edge of action
And as I leave I can only mutter
And hoot howls of thunder
So overflowing is my bliss
With only my skill and skis to rudder me
Through these moments that hiss
From beginning to end down this ocean
An emptiness through which I row
So much peace in the throws
Of snow

So as such
My addiction is set
Until the day I fold
My days will be spent in search
Of the white gold…


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It looks like you got your powder praying done last week? It looked mighty fine!