Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Father's Son

I have written words that write beautifully on our great walls
I have said words that say powerfully what I want most of all
But I have never done anything that ever did anything for anyone
No one but me, myself and I until I was born a son

I would give the stars; I would give all that I love of power and wealth
To lead men no more, to put my armor and sword upon the shelf
For my guiding passion in life is to make a man more than I was a man
This blood of my blood to do what I couldn’t, to do what I know he can

This son of mine who has all there is to have, to hold, to want
hinged on my desire to gain what I want most, but am too afraid to hunt
Cast no doubts on my honor, it is tarnished and dented
As my father taught me, succored me, and raised me to be unrelenting

It was not to be, I was not the success he had hoped, but neither was he
Neither was his father nor the father before him as far back goes our family’s seed
Our breath has been tempered at the door of our enemies and souls lost there wail
We are not mere fools that waste our lives but heroic hunters of the Holy Grail