Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I wrote this when I was in my early teens.

I stand atop a hill gazing out far afield
I could see my home from there through a patch of trees
in a thicket of bush and weeds
I recalled these pastures as seen during my childhood wanderings
Oh, how I remembered them!
Wide-eyed to the world where my dreams would unfurl
In them I could be an adventurer, discoverer and traveler
I could be a hero kissed by the princess who was the most beautiful girl
I could be anything and everything only if I dreamed of it
oh how it was to be a child for a moment, maybe for awhile

These years have been many and my life is setting
These bones are brittle wasted by times passage
these hands are gnarled withered by times passage
these eyes are blurry worn by times passage
and however I remiss my life has been lived to the fullest
and never was their a wasted moment that wasn’t spent wisely nor missed
does it matter that I curse these ails? I have done and failed.
I have held and lost. I have been given and used. I have loved and been loved.
I have lived dreams come true, lost others when I flipped a deuce instead of two.
Done bad. Done good. Done nothing. Done too much...just enough!
Now as my life quiets I can hear my past knocking
these thoughts humming a song clear my minds fog that clogs
and this nature rocks my world like a woman her newborn child
where in unison the grass, a thousand stalks, many more! dance with grace never clash
and the more these days, my last, I feel the warm breeze on my face blow past
setting me on a journey, an old man’s wish to revisit his yesteryear
for a journey to be a child for a moment, maybe for awhile...