Thursday, September 27, 2007

We Come

When I was younger, I was fascinated by the unknown. Most books I read had something to do with adventure and science fiction. In a way, even then, I knew I'd probably never get any closer to traveling among the stars than a clear night and my own two eyes could take me. Even still, I feel the urge and on occasion I can still hear them...

The stars
They sit
Staring down
They speak
And again
Come to me my little friend
but what are we
but mere tiny beings
who look with awe
at the glitter and sparkle
only wishing upon stars
for a heart-filled miracle
yet some begin to hear
a call growing greater and greater
and as the question strengthens
to batter our minds
we wonder…
“What is it that we must find?”
and as we rush
rising even mightier
we dream of places even brighter
yet being bound to our sphere
we desperately build
hoping one day to travel
across the endless galaxy
there discovering
wondrous fantasies
---places unlike our own
leaving us fighting just to gain hold
of all the things that remind us of home
but we put them aside
only because we must
---the call still beckons us
to seek farther into
the glitter
sprinkling the skies
Right there!
ever before our eyes
and as they sit
staring down
they speak
and again
come to me my little friend
and as we look
each of us says in return
“We Come”
“we come…”