Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A day and a month

Today is yesterday
tomorrow the same fame
an old memory that presents a smile
my laugh a rising joy
“Life is such a ploy!”

I dissect my petri dish of memories
split the ones that changed me
that molded me
that stoned me from above
and solidified that which made ME!!!
...from the chaff
the careless waste
and the mindless work of my past
From all memories gone by

I unearthed a truth
memories sharp tooth
out of the hundred years removed
a month and a day
I wouldn’t give away
that I would hold dear
and protect no matter what
like a volcano erupt
Every lunge of happiness
every spark of joy
every rush of fear
like a spear through your heart
every tear for all you miss
every one that tore you apart
these I reminisce
these I will forever miss
this time warp beyond nothingness
to all these moments kept
locked away in a chess
we meet again before the final rest
and protect it from tomorrow’s
that are the same days that pace
the minds kindly erase
all forgotten space...