Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This Morning

I am like a empty bowl. The world without my breakfast. Today I pick up the paper and start to read. What I see is a world full of change, some good and some bad. Of course the paper paints the bad in brighter, more flamboyant colors. I create and develop ideas and I hold on to them, they capture and haunt me. I cannot leave them without defense? A struggle begins within based usually on false information from without. Based opinions full of their own agendas. Shouldn’t I see the facts for myself? Wouldn’t that be more productive? Or instead should I remain a pessimist? Always questioning. Always listening with a scowl that hides a growing smirk. How can I be aghast to ideas? I guess I am afraid. I look around and what I see is not a pleasant sight. It is scary. It is sad. More than that even, it is us and not at our best. Look at war, look at death, look at change and destruction. This nature even? We live next to a parking lot instead of a living breathing forest that provides for us. This nature is more an entree now. We consume it and feed it when it befits. So much is flawed and yet here I am. I am questioning. I am developing a sense of determining for myself the truths. I am reaching you see for a more optimistic outlook. It appeals. I grasp at straws maybe. With spoon in hand I find breakfast tolerable and the comic section even laughable..