Friday, February 8, 2008


Time talks to me and it has
so much to say

“Maybe we can be friends,”
I inquire
thinking that maybe with him
as a friend
I could defy risk!

But, sadly, I am a fool
time has no friends
Instead, I am a warrior.

As such I cannot give up so easily?
I test the boundaries of my cage
but nothing I do
slows the beast

Is there no courage in me at all?
Can I not face this moment
and the next
and the next
and everyone after?
They are not so bad, just different

yes, different

“Nothing is the same,” I know
“Always has been.”
But that onrushing violence of time
that rips and tears at normalcy
“Is it always constant?”

I realize that time is just
an hourglass?

And our measure is metered out
by fate
and action
and time will keep its secrets
That is fine

And as long as I understand that
I’m sure that maybe
with time
we may even become friends