Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cloud Walker

If you ask me to tell you of the mountains and adventure, I will give you a story of suffering and misery, joy and happiness, and I will tell it with a smile and a laugh, as if it were the greatest of times. Maybe like the beach is for you, playing in the ocean waves with martini’s and a cold glass of water sitting on a small table-stand between lawn chairs. Yes, but that isn't exactly how the mountains are, is it now? You can’t ask the ogre to be quiet while he eats, no more than you can ask the mountains to be safe. They are full of danger. But, there is also more to the story, something that words fail to relate? Something most folks just roll their eyes at and remain flabbergasted, "Can't you die out there?" So worried are they of death, most people so desperately grip to their fears, they never move their hands to the next hold and climb anything, in life or mountains. Sure, death scares the hell out of me.

And by God (!), you could die?

But I see it different than that.


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