Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A good friend has a lot to think about on this day. Heavy thoughts of times that were, sad thoughts. So a sad poem...


If you do shed tears
Let them be real tears
Cry out of self-pity and shame
Cry out of hurt and loss
Blind your eyes with tears
And feel better
feel better
--- better
Then hold your chin up
Dry your eyes
Feel lighter
As if you could fly free
Your burden is released
You are happy
And so a smile appears
You are happy
are happy
Smile and be glad
Feel emotion blend
and descend back to an earthly place
and face
turn and face
mend your future
and blanket your life
with love
such powerful loves
that protect you like a glove
until you reach the comfort
of home and bed
Go to sleep
and dream
"Sweet dreams."