Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Say a man’s been down on his knees,
giving the world its plow and seeds
Backs been a’broken long ago,
nothing taken gonna give ‘em less to show
Through the darkness are whispered promises
and dreams that yet persist
Harbored in his soul a guiding light
and a place in him that still has fight

Say enough to him and he may show you
the paths he ventured, things he knew
Cause there was a time when he had vowed,
he'd never be forced to bend down and bow
Just as proud men take hard falls,
there are those who add gravity on to make ‘em stall
Knocking 'em down so hard and wounded,
few can hold onto the reasons they really did

Say a man's awoken to a day's ghostly gray,
and seen out from the cloudy shelter a light’s pale ray
Gotta see it those angels that he's paid the toll,
don’t they know a man’s offering his bloody soul!
Tears dried up from the efforts but not the sweat,
from the dirt a man rises up a silhouette
Cause once down he can keep there 'till his last good bye
or he can stand up and thunder out his mightiest war cry