Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fire Dance

A cool wind blows
from the North.
The wisdom of the mountains high
have said,
“This winter will be fierce!”
But I’m afraid
we are no longer fierce.
Our strength left
with the herds
and our feet
failed to keep beat.

Our price is our doom?
The old? The young?
Only the strong will live.

We of the old ways will
rise up with the ash.
And today the fire
grows strong,
the heat radiates
off the faces,
and we sway in song.
As leader, I appeal
for hope.

“Decide oh great ones
that we,
who are your children,
who live under your guidance,
will follow you as we
always have.
Our struggle builds our muscle,
our strength is infallible.
We, your children,
Are capable!”

But death comes this night
from the beak of a bird
“Cacaw, cacaaaaaaw!”
And the beating of hooves
and the clank of soldiers guns...