Monday, September 14, 2009


The tears?
the fears?
the years?
I tear at!

“Beware friend
have care when peering at the beginning
be aware whence begun one must beget an end”

So, I must end they say!
I must die they say!!
I must leave this place
like wind in my face.
Cold callus wind I taste.

Death is there.
no fairness
Death knocks at my door Grace
I hear
but I don’t answer see

I live and breathe
day by day
I live and breathe the blessings of life
There is good and bad of course
There is chaos and calamity
I must admit
But there are happy times, too

Here at home
I listen to my thoughts
fluttering through my mind
and I know deep inside
I will continue through tomorrow
to the next day
Through sorrow
and happiness
I will pave my self
a story worth telling
one so full of emotion
all who listen will feel human
like me

Life is a potion
a facsimile of a dream
and we each journey it seems
across an ocean
through a sea of storms
and in the end
discover the world flat
and your journey
a one way trip...