Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Salvaged from the gray

She tells me, “You are nothing”
And in this place, I am not,
But I am.

Where transparent I have existed
Where bodiless I have form

You tell me, “You will wander,
but will not find.”

I have wandered and have not found.

But in seeking I have seen
I have heard
And come to know the Earth
And all her kindred souls

She is wise
and I have been made wiser

Through forests I may run to bend the pines
Through deserts I may carve the sands
Through oceans I may ripple the seas
Through canyons I may ricochet off rock and roost
Through leaves and grass I may rise and fall
And through day and night I will never give pause

Perhaps I have become more than ‘nothing’
Even if my appearance is deceiving
Even if I am as clear as glass

We are all at one time lost
but we are certainly not nothing