Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newton's Law

There are times I believe life is not just a slave to fate, but we are in control of that fate. If we want, so shall we receive, but only if we want more than anyone else, more so than the hordes, or those more blessed than ourselves. We each are masters of our fates. It is up to us to fight to gain the reins and control our future.


If fortune is a matter of fate
Then I am, too
A subject of fate

Imagine destiny bottled up
and all humanity inside
each battling to swim to the top
In this way, the outcome of our future paths
is guaranteed by our innermost desires
to make it so

Thus, fate
it is a real and moving force
not dictated by random chance
but by heart, desire, courage – and
our audacity to overcome challenge

If you want more than anyone else
then you will have
If you crave enough
you will sacrifice all
to meet your goals

No matter our births
we each are armed with fate
to steer our ship-of-lives
to greener pastures
and toward dreams insofar
unfulfilled and unrealized

That's a powerful force
each of us should reckon
and never abandon
Because the sea of existence is wide and fierce
and a rogue ship knows no direction
no chance is ruled by chance
It is by the wills of another
you are moved to meet their ends
and to be a pawn should be no man's fate
For every action has an equal and opposite reaction