Thursday, September 30, 2010

Misc Poems from September 2010

This is a few misc., poems from September. The first is called the Precession of Equinoxes. The definition is below. I wanted it to show that life is a circle, that everything comes back unto itself...that really now is forever.


Motion of the points where the Sun crosses the celestial equator, caused by precession of Earth's axis. Hipparchus noticed that the stars' positions were shifted consistently from earlier measures, indicating that Earth, not the stars, was moving. This precession, a wobbling in the orientation of Earth's axis with a cycle of almost 26,000 years, is caused by the gravity of the Sun and the Moon acting on Earth's equatorial bulge. The planets also have a small influence on precession. Projecting Earth's axis onto the celestial sphere locates the northern and southern celestial poles. Precession makes these points trace out circles on the sky and also makes the celestial equator wobble, changing its points of intersection (equinoxes) with the ecliptic.

The precession of equinoxes

Travel through my mind

Over deserts, oceans, forests, and back

Do not deceive yourself

You have come

You have ventured

But the destination

Revolves back to the beginning

Before you were

Cause after is beyond

They are one and the same

We are here, right now

Forever and ever

And that is amazing

Makes my heart flutter

And knees weak

I am what I am forever

These deserts, oceans, forests, and back

Like a precession of equinoxes

The circle of life is written in our hearts

As well as the heavens....

Fly Catcher

There shines in me a fire

And it burns and burns

There is no dripping sweat

I am not warm

But hair, skin and bones

They are turned to ash

And when the burning ceases

Nothing remains but my naked soul

Shivering next to my smoldering body

Shooting Stars

If there were not dreams

I could not stand here with you

Without weakened knees

So come alone

Walk through the dark halls of night

Meet me in the moonlight

And let’s speak of now