Friday, June 22, 2007

The Changer

We have a propensity to be good. But life isn't always good. It takes each and every one of us doing our part to keep it that way.

I sit tranquil
resting on a rock
I gaze over hills
while deep in thought

I then say,
“What a good world
on this and every other day
such a good world”

Oh and the power I feel
during these moments of peace
Where my mind can heal
and I can remain at ease

“Yes,” I venture, “the peace
is the temptation of the mind
The tranquility of release
you feel inside

Oh, but callus is the nature
fated to be torn
To an end peace must venture
to that of war”

I then say,
What a sad world
on this and every other day
such a sad world”

Oh, and my heart beats strong
spurred by anger
because I long
for a changer

A man, woman, or child
you, I or anyone else
who can transform the world
and shield us from malice

And break the bonds
the chains we wear
And end the wrongs
those that we all share

I then close my eyes
and breathe in
Where upon I realize
we are changing

When peace turns to war
soon war will no longer be
Because when life is at its very worst
we remember that there is indeed a peace

And that we will go to any length
to restore it
Any length at all
to regain it

And yet constantly we bicker
and fight amongst each other
I fear it is but our nature
to battle one another

Or maybe it is our animalistic urge
or downright hate
Something we will never learn
because it is our fate

But is that too definite
too simple an answer
Can we not remedy our sickness
and cure this cancer?

....and somehow find our changer
Everyday I wait
And wonder
“Is it yet too late?”

Because peace is so fragile
so easy to break
And to turn to turmoil
chaos and hate

Slowly my eyes open
and I lift from my rock
I smile at my fortune
Because I have found what I have sought

And only in this very instant
did it come to me
Only in this last second
did I come to see

That the changer is not a creature
as in you or I
It is but nature
as in the land and the sky

And by following it’s rule
we will find that life is good
Precious and not cruel
and that it can be understood

“Yes,” I say aloft
to the trees, to the birds
“Yes,” I say aloft
To the bears, to the bees

“All of us together
make-up a living breathing nature
That which is the changer
who gives us life ... which is our great adventure ...."