Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Lovely Life

...And another one, also somber.

My lovely life
Cried tears
When the death it feared
Came at last

My lovely death
Left those I loved
Crying tears
For what I was

But in that last moment
When memory blends
During that last moment
Before life dims
I realized this lovely life
I lived
Was magical

I realized this lovely life
I lived
Was lovely

So very lovely

And I did not cry no more
For what was
Or what could’ve been
I but prayed and prayed
To be born once more
To be born to live this life again


Anonymous said...

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Lefty said...

Yo Rodrigo, wassup.

cascadepoet said...

Ha. Ha. Funny Phil. (it's Portuguese. I wasted time on the translator). Do you get this advertisement stuff?