Friday, July 6, 2007

Scared and broken

Three older poems I thought worth posting?

The silent voice
It speaks to me
It grasps my mind
And tears it apart
The days they pass
From light to dark
And in there time
I awoke to see
A life
Scared and broken
Cast away
Never to return
I walked
I wondered
I stood alone
The wind
The rain
I felt so cold
I came to stand
On a bridge
So high
I looked below
At the water flow by
Then cast my eyes
To the sky above
“Why,” I asked,
“am I so alone
in a world that
never gave me a chance.”
Again I looked down
And saw my end
I lifted my foot
And stood atop the rail
In hope
I spread my arms
And lunged
To fly
To death
I plunged…