Wednesday, July 11, 2007

“Heart Knock”

This poem is about a bad person and a good person. The good man wants to destroy the bad man, but what does this gain him, satisfaction? There are often no winners. Maybe it is the bad that defines the good in us? This is from two perspectives and is somewhat confusing but worth posting I think.

Tick-talk, tick-talk, the heart knock
I follow you. I swallow you. You ripe me out. Eat me from the inside.
Rise up. Row out to sea. Trample your enemy.
Could you help, would you help me?
Let me free. I am dying. Death is crying for me.
Tears of joy - knowing - yes it cries for my coming.
Loving, disturbing curbing my lies with truth.
But it is not apparent this parent to my plan, sifting sand.
A crowd in the park, a lighter, a spark.
Cowards run, others stunned. Who holds the gun?
YOU hold the gun!
Now do you run or do you get your final revenge?
Piles of life burning. No pain. Blood spattered. No gain. No ladder to climb!
Sane? Sanity is to blame? My sanity is sane, your sanity grey. Stained!
A smirk, this jerk who stands before me deserves justice, sweet justice.


You miss....
The smirk changes to fear, so pissed, this fag. The cure?


No tears, no remedy. Dead and dirty rag. Clean hands?

This is justice?

---------- ------------- ---------- --------

Days checkered forward measure us, our lust with this life always borrowed

This man like you melts the brew and drinks it.
Never sick. Never wrong. Always right.
This banner is carried by many. A battle song. A battle cry.
But you are neither strong nor right as this man who killed others feels right
There is no line seen in the dark where your only light blinks “START”
Push it. Press it. FEEL IT! Kneel before it. Submit. Give up. Quit!
Do without thinking. Think without thought. Act without reason.
React. Attack!


Reason. Rationalize. Be reasonable. Put yourself in another’s shoes.
Allow not emotion to behest emotion, a whirlpool of commotion.
Temper your temper with time. Find the rhythm. A rhyme.
Remember any justification has a propensity to be out of proportion with reality.
Allow just and fair. Allow your whispering conscience that cares. Allow yourself to be kind.
Allow this inner cop to SCREAMmmmmmM


Don’t be blind.
Let the beauty that emboldens us to smile to shine.
Let the spacious quality of this day that follows tomorrow remind.
Let the color, the poetry of your life levitate love to no longer long but belong.
Peace you can be sure, is a balance that we each weigh in for good or bad.
Each hour. Each day. Every morning that we face.
A decision is passed. A monthly check is cashed.
Each morning a rising sun. Each morning you hold the gun.
Protect. Defend. Listen. Learn. Hope. Dream. Cope. Be free. Believe.
Hear the cries. See through the lies.
Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out.
Breath in.
Breath out


And free yourself from the clout