Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Milky Way

I think of the Universe as a living, breathing thing, not without its own tapestry of mortal woes.

On the land to which I am tied I rest with eyes peering up;
Among the steal-alpine slopes now colorless in the darkness,
I submit myself to the earth, no longer one, but a part of many;
And these stars above look back at me;
No words spoken, but a common bond, a million-million times stronger than mine alone,
ties me to something bigger.

As brothers and sisters, these siblings are a part of me, a family;
A galaxy.

In our eternal-dance of spinning and colliding, we face the endless days;
And together we become old and wise, we live and die;
We watch other galaxies disappear and live again;
new and wild, young and strong.

I rise from the Earth as the man I was before;
I rise now center-weighted to a dawn like a virgin-blush;
an honest thing that shows coulours and true-like expressions;

Today I seek out my brothers and sisters;
(spinning and colliding, facing the endless days);
I show them the stars and tell them that whatever is possible is theirs to seek;
But warn them that even though the world is a small place,
we each make a difference in the great fabric of reality.

Because we are family.


SkiSickness said...

When I solo Mt Rainier, I feel like I'm an alien visiting Earth, and Mt Rainier is my mothership: where I go to communicate with all my sentient brothers out there in space.

SkiSickness said...

(When I need to get away from the little Earthlings :P )

cascadepoet said...

Go with peace, my child (like the monk says).
Wasn't it Rainier where they first coined the term UFO? Ha. You may be on to something? Rainier is the UFO?

SkiSickness said...

I do recall hearing that lenticulars on Rainier were responsible for said coinage.

mzchristy said...

Oops...I think I stumbled upon the wrong site. I was looking for directions to Area 51. Can you tell me how to get there???