Friday, July 13, 2007

The Natural Order

Nature is one of those forces that I most respect. It creates all that I treasure and asks for nothing in return. She teaches me. She fascinates me. She lights the fear of the devil under me and forces me to see myself for who I am. This poem is of Nature painting her masterpiece.

Awake from the calm you storm;
Come hither you clouds bring your rain and snow;
Rise up you winds, violent and passionate
And taste the rocky spires and the snowy slopes.

Weaken Rock, avalanche Snow;
Etch your beauty Storm;
Carve this art into the land for all to see;
The beauty of Earth and me.

(Clouds part, eons of time gone by);
Valleys deep and rivers strong;
Mountains high and forests wide;
And Life you are here, alive. Look. See. Know.

Grow and die, rise up from the ashes;
You must live LIFE, you beasts and plants;
Love and worship, be humbled and learn;
Face the lonely day, the year, the eons.

Future days they are yours;
Let not my image live forever;
It is evanescent. You are free Storm. Life. All.
Go out this early morn with the rising sun;
Partake in the beauty of Earth and me,
and make of it a reflection of you.


mzchristy said...

I can tell you have been productive at the bank!
Nice poem. Seriously. I want to go outside and play.