Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The undiscovered land

Maybe I am not what I was? Maybe I am more than that?
Even in this future that comes crawling back
telling me in a premonition that I am nothing more than what I was.
But hell if that’s the pace I’ll run through this life before I'm done.
God ain’t so cruel as to watch me wither when so young and full of vinegar,
he ain't so cruel as to let me wrinkle up like an old man,
to lose my memories into a desert of blowing sand.
He wouldn't let me be sent off into a blind-filled ether
cause that’s no FUTURE, man!

Got to give me some hope, a tiny light to show me a way through future’s blight,
a way in which I can cope with today shot forward like a cursed, flying arrow.
A way to come to grips with the inevitable future blooming into a present not so dark and LOOMING.
So tell me life's not a curse of pain and suffering,
not roads littered with man's endless failings?
Tell me this lonely fear ahead is warranted?
That I should not close my eyes and give up, leave all these days behind
and drop my beggar’s cup.
That instead I should keep on going as fast as I can,
keep on running into the dark and just stop trying to understand
the FUTURE, man!

But the future is here to stay. It comes no matter how you go, which way you look.
It's an old, weathered book with pages turning swiftly by.
It's stories being told of fortunes won and lost.
It's every possibility spun from the dark and cold from which we hide, from which we run.
It's everything that could be that comes out from the fold.
It's everything that has been, which fills my heart with spirit, bold.
It's everything I've gained when I didn't give in and fear it.
It's this feeling that spurs in me something more than magicians smoke.
It's no longer me on a mountain unclimbable.
Instead it's me atop this day's slippery slope.
It's me yearning for life and my days ahead, the ones I dream about.
It's me with memories held closely,
ones for when they attempt to swindle me, they'll get a SHOUT,
"The time ahead is mine, it's my FUTURE, man!"

Some fools tell me, "You can be anything you want to be."
Even if they know those things people want come and go.
So you'd better let me tell you what I've learned in my life.
A man's quest is to find something honest and true,
something not in disguise, put together with glue,
but something set deep in your soul,
something that makes you shine like gold.
And when you have it, don't stare into the past or go far off,
head too far down future paths cause you are right HERE, right NOW
and there's no crowd there, friend.
So take that inward focus and look in toward this life you've got.
It's the undiscovered land!
It's all ahead, looking back at you
It's your FUTURE, man!