Sunday, April 6, 2008

Springtime is near

Take away the snows
that cover mountain and valley lows
know that the sun is sweet
when your smile is bright
and your cheeks blushed
and flowers spring up to meet

All these pouring rains
on city streets and highway lanes
they keep you going forward
in the hopes clouds would part
and sun would give you heart
for god knows you can’t be lowered

Speak as you may on this fine night
all illume in moon’s headlight
how you wonder where spring is here?
besides black and white not a single color
among this night’s empty, forlorn pallor
but you know Springtime is near

On dusk's invitation all rise up to see
the finest show there’s said to be
the scope of land appearing so big and wild
out toward horizon aflutter in fiery sunset blaze
all across it you can see what comes these days
nature birthing fortune for all without denial

Flowered meadows are brought to life
among all the lands where springtime is rife
out from the cold and chill
to where hope has been so dimmed
life crawls out of their holes into the wind
where bright sun brightens the hills

And when summertime may come
fall and wintertime take the sun
you will not forget her as you fear
color comes again next to muddied lakeshore
it pokes it head out just as always before
cause all know springtime is near...