Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If Anything, what would I be?

One thing many of us take a long time to accept is what we are and that isn't always an easy thing to do.

(this poem goes way back to when I was a snot-nosed kid)

I sit atop a table
With my book and my fiddle
I play a little music
Where only I can hear it
And then a bird croaks
Out amongst the oaks
Such a loud thunderous sound
As it rises towards the clouds
Maybe I will play a song for it
One that it will think fit
And then a thought comes to me
Of how it would be
Poised like a bird of flight
Looking towards the farthest sight
OH, and this thought comes to me
Just like a dream
Where with flapping wings
I flew with the breeze
Just me with the mountains high
And the bluest of bright skies

Yes, indeed
A bird I will be
Just that if anything
At all I think

And all the while I am fiddling
A tune for dreaming
One to float away with
There while I sit
And then out in the grass
A deer steps there pass
It was a young fawn
Lost to its mom
It had white Polka-dots
Like tiny pieces of chalk
And glowing curious eyes
That looked so alive
Why would I wish to be a bird
It seems absurd
It is nice to fly way up so high
And follow the breeze
Above the trees
But this innocent fawn
Who hears my song
Would be to me
A better thing

Yes, indeed
A fawn I will be
Just that if anything
At all I think

My music changed then
To a slow melody
And not even a moment later
A butterfly paid me greeting
By landing astride my shoulder
And BEHOLD thought I
Such a simple creature as this
So colorful
So wonderful
That indeed I must be amiss
And this creature would be to me a better thing

Yes, Indeed
A butterfly I will be
Just that if anything
At all I think

Quite a spell later
My music halted
And I set my fiddle down
And picked up my book
But before I had read even a sentence
I stopped----
Oh yes,
---- and with that
A thought comes to me
Just like a dream
And it told me
That being simply ME
Was the best thing I could be
Not a bird nor a fawn nor a butterfly could bring
A more meaningful freedom
A more fascinating living
Or a more breathtaking liberty

Yes, indeed
Just me I will be
Just that if anything
At all I think…