Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Soul Journey

I sail
my soul
across the seas
beyond home
I travel
my destination
to other globes
And while there in the night
silently laying
there beneath
under the sky
and seeing the lights
I imagine how it would be
if they were within sight
and I could see
---There would be CRaZy worlds
full of beasts
full of peoples
---There would be confusinggggg worlds
strange worlds
and lovely worlds
full of flavor and taste
tantalizing and full of grace
And others yet
neither colorful nor delightful
just plain rocks
strewn out
and scattered about
And yet my conscious self
my inner being
doesn’t pause long
when it comes to these
it just moves along to better things
Such as, a laughable
magical world
I often delight
to encounter
while in flight
It is one of those
CRaZY worlds
Take the planet itself
it is virtually flat
and plain
nothing significant
or amazing
But below
just under the surface
exists a furnace
flourishing with beings
buzzing like bees
who at the dawn of each day
head out onto that surface
in a frenzy-like
mind boggling flight
to gather food for the day
And so in a matter of seconds
this dull
bland world
jumps ALIVE
And before the sun is too high
they are gone from sight
gone from our eyes
done before it began
done before you even know it
And at other times
I simply wonder
from place to place
traveling randomly
never in haste
And still in other times
I sit tranquil
and look from afar
not at the planets
or even at the stars
but at everything
all of it!
And during my travels
every time
and in every instance
this sight unravels
I am awestruck
all thrown amuck
by the beauty
by the bounty
this flurry
like snowflakes
swirling in the wind
fascinates me
draws me
and brings me back again
and in each passing second
I’m left enchanted
and enhanced in mind
I’m left restored in life
and happy inside
It’s so wonderful
so delightful
like a journey
through a waterfall
and as such
soon it is over
and I am back in realities clutch
I’m home!
and I smile to no one in particular
cause I am alone
I feel the chill
the cold of the night air
I shrug my coat closer
pulling it tight
until it feels just right
and then I gaze
like any man would
like any man should
when looking
peering at the stars
spread out
like shinny
pools of light
And I laugh aloud
because being so earthly bound
can be so amazingly blessing
and yet so savagely sheltering
Myself, I think it best
because it breeds imagination
and everyone needs a bit of that
even I...