Friday, November 2, 2007

Continuous improvement

The mind and body coexist. In order to keep the mind clear you must keep the body strong and healthy. As such, you reach for your full potential and, without doing so, you are merely less than you could have been. More emotional, more taciturn and dissatisfied. It is in this state that you can lose touch with your goals and needs, even with those you care for most or doing what you enjoy doing most. So then, take charge and rearrange your lifestyle. Keep your body in shape, work your mind by discovering new ideas, and accept challenge not as a threat but as a spice that can invigorate your daily grind. And remember, you are one in mind, you are strong inside, you are focused and you are anything you dare to seek. So go forth and be one who sought, not one who simply thought to do and did nothing at all...