Thursday, November 29, 2007

“A snowflake’s quest”

Everything in life sets us out on a quest. Oft, we make of it more than it is and, at times, forget that what life is really about, is joy. To me we reach this place at birth and we leave at death, this time between is WHAT really matters. Not heaven or hell, but what is right here, right now. A snowflake comes with the winter and goes with the spring, as does everything in their own way.

Awakened from this cloudy womb, cast out into the cold and gloom
Born of wind and vapors, ghosts of brothers and sisters
Sent forth by millions to swoon in cold environs beneath sun and moon
These white-encumbered be-dashed wonders, in the throws of winter

Falling down into gravities grip, seeing the world spin and flip
Spreading these wings of icy fangs, gliding down past wind and rain
Following cold fingers that hop and skip, hoping not to be torn and ripped
Screaming alive, their song is sang, knowing that life’s bell has just been rang

Only then swept up by sights of land, so covered by white, too much to understand
These hearts that race dash their hammers, rushing with such excitement it doesn’t matter
All brethren to meet hand in hand, to celebrate this wonder as best they can
These white-encumbered be-dashed wonders, in the throws of winter