Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dream Journey

There wonder I through the halls of the past
I see there the journeys traveled by travelers past
In the future I travel through the eyes of the travelers
And I see now the adventures ventured
and woe what journeys journeyed by me
to places I dreamed so far, so high, so deep, so free
the boundless opportunity to see anything I could dream
The ocean erupt in life on Europa
A star not unlike our own remind me of home
and to summit a mountain in leaps and bounds
and descend like a bird to the bottom down
to defeat and defy the earthly rubric of do’s and don’ts
How satisfying mind flying

to be defying


to inseminate my fate with imaginative abandon
to travel across a ghostly lake as a phantom descending
and to allow the fascination with my life to peel back the eye
and to see the blue depths for a glimpse of our design
I am reminded in that moment
that life is a thing of beauty that meant
and when I die, I will die alive
with a smile that weeps
the wonders and memories I adore and keep