Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Heritage

I travel back to the beginning
To see how the beginning had begun
How I arrived I do not know
Yet I knew I was there

I was thrown into a black-filled limbo

I was troubled
The day was dark and the sun just a lifeless orb
Across the great between I could see other stars
Whose flames raged, flickered, or remained lifeless
Just as ours

From my vantage in the listless void
I could feel a change blanket the sky
A dim glow that grew into a flame that would burn through the eons

Around me I felt movement
My eyes searched
And I saw planets forming
I saw ours third from the sun
I watched it!
I watched all the Sun’s children being birthed afraid and defenseless

I watched them grow

Time passed and the children became planets
And the third planet from the sun became our
Whom birthed each of us
Children of the land and sea
Grandchildren of the Sun

I smiled...