Monday, December 10, 2007

Vision Sea

I rise out of body
and float up into a sea of nothingness
I am in bliss
free of body
free of limits
I rush forward in such awful bounty
Yes, this ME
I seek no destination, just some destination
this vision
this sun, at which, I am gazing
such blazing, powerful chaos
I seek it
consume it
I am for a moment, a sun
and my radiance
and from this place in flight
I rush to find life
right here
a somewhere between nowhere
A fascinating place that faces me
In spite of my ugliness
So coarse and dim-lit in the space between nothingness
In the face of so much beauty, so violently castrating my mind’s
meaningless thoughts
and everything
to the Universe to which I sing
I find in symmetry more meaning
beyond small or big
to where and why
we are alive
toward the consciousness of what is
and in search of other life
In the midst of this vision sea
I cross a freeway of minds
so much more than I am
I am swallowed by them
they enclose me
overflow that which is me
and I tear away, scared of these things
and I run to nowhere
free at last in somewhere
of one mind
of one self
of one heart
and I beat my way back to body
and lock myself away
from the bigness of it all