Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Puppeteer

It is fall, and nearing its midpoint, I think it best to remiss on the wonder of this lovely time of year, to hold on to it for as long as possible. And yesterday, Saint Hallows Eve, so perfectly situated in the midst of natures own time of death warrants celebration, too, although I prefer the former.

Evil, evil in my mind
it pursues never to kind
Help me, help me what it finds
The deepest darkest memories alive
it digs them up
oh, are they mine?
everything I am torn inside
for pleasure of it, it makes me sick
I kill the weakest, torture the strongest
the screams, the screams hurt me the longest
but what can I do, I’m but a puppet
to it, to it
pulled by strings stronger than me
all I do is try to get free
but the harder I try the less I see
I run in the dark, I run in the day
I do my best but it finds me anyway
it takes its hold, it feels so cold

I cross the land looking for people
so very greedy, ready to kill
just for me, a little pay
and we are on our way
an army ready, we're oh so many
I lead them to a city
I point to the walls, I tell them to go there
and kill them all
loot the money and burn the buildings
until all that is left of this grand old city
is ashes and bones

again, again its all begun
all I can do is run, run, run
little do I know it's all for fun
I watch it cleave men in two
I hide in my mind and watch it too
think me mad, think me crazy
can’t you just help me or are you too lazy?
maybe I’ll kill you
just maybe, just maybe
I laugh a shrill laugh
just save me, just save me
That’s all I ask before its too late
and you are buried in a cask
headless, heartless tortured to death
for the pleasure of me give me some rest
I am done, I passed the test
let me dream alone, my nightmare is done
I get up from bed and help me
ashes on the floor, blood on the ground
a tent above me, an army outside
I try to scream but it takes control
it says to me that its just begun to have some fun
it tells me a tale of all the evil
it laughs at me the devil, the devil