Thursday, January 31, 2008


Have you ever looked up at a BIG SKY full of bubblous clouds, like popcorn times a billion? This poem is about seeing more than just the clouds, but rather seeing the shapes and stories they tell.


To slumber ‘neath sky on green grass and purple heather
To look up and see billowing clouds throwing images back at you
To watch big dinosaurs and airplanes, mysterious forms and faces
float by like great ships leaving port
and, there, like an ant waving farewell
you’re hardly noticed in the bigness of it all
and, really, life can't be more pleasant, more at peace
than looking up at this cloud sea
cause you know, being there, on this green grass and purple heather
is like being a child again
and there's no better escape than having your worries replaced by wonder
and as if on key, a great castle appears
lofty turrets and battlements studded with flags flapping in the wind
and soon it all disappears behind a cloud
and no matter how hard you look, it is gone
swallowed by a great fish…