Thursday, January 3, 2008


Evanescence - def: the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight.

This is about the morning before light, a time that is so much at ease that I can't help but imagine it in all its flavours. It is so much different than dusk, so much more youth than that! There is heart and strength and every morning is a test of survival, one not yet won. A day forward, a day yet to come. I can't help but sit in wonder and imagine it all. So here, as it is, my days effort.

In the morning before light when moon’s bright face fades and velvet blues suckle the blackness away
When nights breath yawns and warming glows brush against rosy cheeks of Earth
When stars whose once bright symphony of light closes the drapes and night marches on by
When hooting owls and squeaking mice slip into their holes, bellies full and warm and supper done
When dew sparkles, their miniature droplets reflecting the world entire like teary eyes
When bugs hidden on flowers and grass, tree and bush rise from their cold-induced slumber
When birds twiddle dee dee and fly from branch to branch and wake the world up
When crickets and frogs finally go to sleep, their chirping and croaking finally ceased
When squirrels and chipmunks gnaw at pinecones whose long falls echo through forest
When lakes dead-calm and alien quiet frightens and nothing seems real in the world, not time or place
When fish leaping break the surface and scuttle tranquility, their tiny expanding geometric circles meeting
When fog lulls in yellowed meadows where bull elk bugle and scrape hooves and horns against fragrant dirt
When, in the morning before light, light does appear not all at once but like a good wine melts down glass
When voluptuous sun stuns the horizon in kaleidoscopic color and the birth of day is at last met
When breath of life is at its fullest and dreams, wants, hopes, needs are let free to roam the world over