Thursday, May 31, 2007


Many times life is lost in the chaos of the day to day deluge of work and responsibility. Often you find it overweighting and pressing so much so that you can't see the path ahead. It dims. I think that it is important to understand that these downs, unlike the ups are a means to an end. They allow for you to discover your resolve and self, eventually defining who and what you are. The trick is to not be smothered with doubt. You could say that good floats and all you have to do is swim to the top. So many people hold themselves down and never seize life.

The past you cannot erase
you know every line
You’ve gone through the paces
only to be reminded

Some days may be gray
Full of heart wrenching sorrow
while others a piercing sunny ray
focused down on the road you must travel tomorrow

Today I’m driving down the freeway
no hurry in the slow lane
no hurry to slave my life away
It is my fault, only I am to blame

My work is done well
not that it couldn’t be done better
The deviation of which none could tell
none but me, no other

These days may be the same
but the differences are clear reflections
of days I attained unreached fame
the everything between led me to imagine

Still I am happy, when I am not sad
I am glad, when I am not here thinking
about everything bad
I should be thoughtless never blinking

I try so hard to be good
but that doesn’t make me happy
You’d think being happy would be good
enough for me as for anybody

What I am doing is not
what I want to do
I feel I am rotting
in a cauldron of tasteless grey stew

My ideas already thought of and done
nothing I have to think is new I’m afraid
my life’s work an old blanket spun
no instrument, the fine note of which remains un-played

Did I do it right
by walking the line?
Should I have fought my blight
or merely been born mindless and blind?

Sometimes I find my life asleep
so conveniently lost
the walls of this life I occasionally beat
the mice whisper “tsk, tsk know the cost?”

And I listen and I allow the machine
to grind me down
day by day I’m left imagining a scene
the end of my life, not a tear, no sound

The masses mask themselves
they hide behind drapes
all have their own spells
hopes and dreams they must rake

For now I pile up my thoughts
for all to see
I have new flowers to pot
more life to breath

I’ve come to realize
most lives are rhymes
like the blushed faced skies
moments that sweep over and remind

That now must be seized
and up and downs are part of the journey
That the moment cannot be left unpleased
and life doesn’t stop, it is always in a hurry

Asleep awake
life is a spectacle that we small men make
thinking our life is a large plate
But I must remind you, it is something you must take


Bijoy said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

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