Thursday, May 3, 2007

Memories that meant

Some say taking risk is a danger to myself and a danger to others. I agree. It is my life's pursuit to tread among mountains. But I must also submit, "Is it not a risk to risk nothing at all?" Merely the lowest of us fathom life without challenge and those that simply do nothing wither and rot away; their dreams dying along with their inspiration and will to live. In challenging oneself, there is always risk. Facing it takes courage and commitment. It is my hope that when my life is done, I stand proudly on the deck of this great ship I call life. I stand on the bow, not with a fearful gaze, but with a smile. And I will remember memories that meant.

Pace back and forth and erase empty space
clear your head of density
and race ahead into a future daunted with challenge
and die on a sinking ship with a smile
memories that meant...