Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This poem is about lies, hinting at the consequences of doing so in a very metaphorical way. For some I think that lies are a disease, the easy way out when telling the truth is too much trouble or maybe an convenient out.


I tell you what I saw
only a bit like a seesaw
see misconception
saw misdirection
seesawing truth and all
is like a great invention
and truth, a great sloth
like a turtle lost
and lies
like a rabbit fast
ready to dash
I must confess nonetheless
I like my seesawing nice and slow
but occasionally a rabbit jumps
out of the bushes and as a hound I rush
chasing my precious
but the white twinkling ears lie still in fear
before again I sight such delight
sometimes I catch and kill
other times we’re quite the match
often though dinner is hatched
and my hunger is soothed with a rabbit stew


SkiSickness said...

What do we have here?
-A picture of a bunny (cute!)
-Two font colors (snazzy!)
-A poem with rhymes

I can't compete with that. I quit.

Or am I lying?


cascadepoet said...

You must be lying! I've seen you write before and I'm a hack compared to you.


You've got all the bunnies, snazzy colores and so much more rhythm than me.

Lefty said...

But he has no more pngs, just gifs.