Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Nature is an amazing place. There is so much there that is so awe-inspiring and breathtaking that you often wonder why you had never noticed before. It was always there, wasn't it? But it isn't. Not in the city. Not in the town. Surely not in your house. In nature, beauty is something different. Something that captures you and holds you captive. Not fake or contrived. It is powerful and frightening. REAL. There is meaning out there. Seek it out, taste it.

Why do I find a flower pretty?
Was it because I was told so?
Did culture tell me what is beautiful?
Of course it did, but it didn’t.
I’ve heard, “Beauty is in the beholder.”
I’m bound to agree.
"The flower is pretty because I like the color blue
and not just any blue, but rather a lighter shade.
I also like yellow, but not at home on the walls
for that matter not anywhere else beside nature.
Yellow is a beautiful color there.
In fact ugly in nature is difficult to find.
What is most ugly to me is that which we create
-not that all of our creations are ugly,
because we create beautiful things,
but because at times our building, our mining, our logging
-many things that we do,
destroy nature
treads on that which is always beautiful
So why do I find a flower pretty?
Maybe because it was something that I didn’t create.
It was here before me
and has survived the ages..."